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PAVE-EL Pedestals: Advantages Over Screwjacks for Superior Pedestal Support

| Jul 7, 2023 |

Read about the differences between PAVE-EL Pedestals and Screwjacks and how PAVE-EL Pedestals are better for you in the long run. 

What Makes Envirospec’s PAVE-EL Pedestals the Best?

| Aug 25, 2022 |

PAVE-EL Pedestals meets the demand of homeowners, contractors and landscape architects who are looking for a low-cost, easy-to-install, and smartly engineered solution to create spaces effectively and efficiently.

The PAVE-EL Pedestal system manufactured by Envirospec provides a clever yet affordable method of creating podiums, terraces and raised floors by elevating, leveling, uniformly spacing pavers.



PAVE-EL Paver Stone Pedestal System

| July 22, 2022 |

Read about the PAVE-EL Pedestal System and what makes it the most unique and functional sustainable solution, including PAVE-EL’s dry air-vent technology.



Landscape Architect Magazine 2022: A Conversation with Envirospec

| July 22, 2022 |

Envirospec is proud to be featured in Landscape Architect Magazine’s August 2022 “Streetscapes” Issue. Read our Q&A here!



3 Key Reasons To Consider a Rooftop Walkway

| July 4, 2022 |

Rooftop walkway systems are often overlooked as not needed and too expensive. When it comes to rooftop safety, we recommend more than minimal protection. The benefits of elevated roof walkway systems on metal roofs protect more than just your workers but your roof as well.

Originally published by 


Commercial and Residential Uses of Paver Pedestal System

| July 4, 2022 |

Paver Pedestal System can be applied to many parts of residential and commercial buildings, especially above waterproofed deck spaces. 

Learn about the different uses for PAVE-EL Pedestals and its functions.


Green Roofs Save Your Money and Save the Environment

| June 24, 2022 |

Sustainable building solutions like green roofs can play an important role in saving homeowners costs and making communities eco-friendly. 

Let’s find out what benefits green roofs can provide, both environmental and economic, and how you can install one on your home.


Green Roofs: A Homeowner’s Guide

| June 20, 2022 |

Explore the variety of reasons why an individual would want to pursue green roofing, both for the betterment of the community and the home.  PAVE-EL Pedestal system is used to create green roofs on residential buildings and more. 


The Benefits of Green Roofs

| June 20, 2022 |

Urban greening has long been promoted as an easy and effective strategy for beautifying the built environment and increasing investment opportunity.

Green roofs offer many public, private, and design-based benefits. PAVE-EL Pedestal system is used to create green roofs and more. 


Get Rid of Standing Water and Ice on Your Patio

| June 20, 2022 |

Tired of your backyard patio being a mess of puddles in the Spring, or an icy hazard during the Winter? Here are the best solutions for eliminating standing water and ice. 

Learn how PAVE-EL Pedestals provide both perfect drainage and prevent your patio from freezing/thawing, all year round. 



Paver Pedestals Will Make Your Balcony Long-Lasting and Beautiful

| June 5, 2022 |

 Looking to add some dimension to your home or apartment? Maybe you want the perfect spot to set up a grill, lounge chair, or some planters. The solution is using paver pedestals to elevate your patio pavers. 

If you are planning for your balcony space, here are the benefits of adding paver pedestals!



5 Things to Consider for a Pool Installation or Renovation

|May 25, 2022 |

Have you always dreamed of adding or renovating a pool in your home? As warmer weather approaches, it is the best time to create your very own backyard oasis with a jacuzzi, hot tub, spa, or swimming pool. But where should you begin?

Whether you are trying to improve an existing pool or installing a new one, here are 5 important things to consider, including patio drainage.


Make the Perfect Patio Season!

|May 12, 2022 |

Kick off patio season right! With summer ahead, the right paver leveling system can transform your balcony, roof deck, or poolside into the ultimate outdoor setting for lounging by the water or drinking cold beer on your back porch.

Whether you want to host a lively summer cookout, a vibrant rooftop party with friends, or have a pool day for the children, utilizing the PAVE-EL Pedestals system will elevate your outdoor experience! Create the perfect backyard or rooftop patio for your summer gathering by using PAVE-EL to elevate your patio tiles.

Create the Best Rooftop Patio

|May 12, 2022 |

Do you have a flat roof that is not being used? Would you like to create an outdoor people place using an adjustable pedestal system to support a rooftop patio? It can be easy to build and the roof pedestal system can protect your roof waterproofing system from the elements. Where to start?  

Find out how to create the perfect rooftop patio that is long-lasting, high-quality, low-cost, and easy to install.

Designing Accessible Hospital Rooftops

|May 11, 2022 |

Hospital rooftops can often be transformed into an enjoyable place for patients to get a breath of fresh air, or to escape from all the hospital commotion. But, the first step is to ensure that the rooftop surface is properly leveled. Leveled patio pavers ensure that transportation devices are accommodated for, including wheelchairs, walkers, or mobility scooters.

Innovations such as the PAVE-EL Pedestals system are used by architects and designers to ensure the proper paver elevation and paver leveling of rooftops, promoting the better accessibility and safety of public spaces.

Hospital Roof Gardens Soothe Patients and Staff

|May 11, 2022 |

A resurgence of interest in the therapeutic benefits of nature is prompting many hospitals to create relaxing and restorative environments for patients, visitors, and staff. Increasingly, these green areas are planted above ground level, on hospital roofs and terraces. Such gardens provide easily accessible and comforting escapes from the stress of being a patient, dealing with a family member’s illness, or working as a health care provider.

Roof gardens help academic medical centers expand their healing surroundings with natural light, fresh air, room to move, and, sometimes, a place to have fun. Here’s a look at several academic medical centers with roof gardens on their campuses.

Sustainable PAVE-EL Pedestals

|April 16, 2021|

As the concern for the environment around us grows, so does the need to create green spaces built on sustainable values. Rooftop patios, terraces and decks are becoming more and more popular, and consequently, roof paver systems have greater demand. 

Envirospec’s PAVE-EL Pedestal System is a great choice when deciding to create green spaces. Sustainable values can even go as far as to apply to pavers on roof, as well as the leveling supports/pedestals used below them. Choose PAVE-EL Pedestals for all your sustainable green space projects!

Importance of Creating Relaxing and Safe Outdoor Spaces 

|April 8, 2021|

With the impact that Covid-19 has had on lives of many, it is becoming apparent that there is a growing need for relaxing private spaces, where people can enjoy their space without the uneasiness that may arise from being in public places.

Many are opting to invest in creating their own private spaces, which are not only convenient for them, but also enjoyable. Keep reading to see how PAVE-EL Pedestals can help achieve the perfect outdoor space that is functional and enjoyable.  

Roof garden ideas: 21 fun and stylish ideas to make the most of your rooftop garden    This article provides insight on all of the different ways you can transform your outdoor space using creativity and imagination. 

With mentions of trends, designing with plants, building your own conservatory and much more, this article welcomes a variety of ideas that you could implement into your dream patio. 

Green Roofing: Everything You Need to Know – This article discusses the different aspects of green roofs, such as what a green roof is, the benefits, information for homeowners who’d like to install a green roof, and much more.

A green roof system is an addition made to the roof of an existing building for growing flora. Depending on the type of green roof you install, the plants may be modular or have drainage layers. However, all green roofs include a few important features, such as waterproofing and root repellent, to keep the structure safe and undamaged. Continued in the article.

How to Create a Luxurious Patio on your Rooftop

By Danny Kroll   | Feb 26, 2021 |

You have some outdoor space on your rooftop that you would like to convert to a luxurious private patio overlooking your area. Great idea to have a new area to spend time outdoors alone or with company. Click the link to keep reading!

50 Best Rooftop Bars in the World – Around the world, more and more people are taking advantage of rooftop spaces and converting them into enjoyable, luxury areas. This article shows some of the most incredible rooftop bars around the world.

Envirospec’s PAVE-EL Pedestals can help transform roofs into luxurious spaces like the ones mentioned in the article!

Rooftop Gardens: Benefits for Energy Consumption – This article delves into the importance of rooftop gardens and how they are beneficial to not only the environment, but also the economy and water management systems.

In cities all around the world, forgotten rooftops can change the way we conserve energy. These vast and underutilized spaces have the power to reduce energy consumption and produce food. They also have the power to provide homes for vulnerable wildlife. Click the link to keep reading!

Enhanced Tax Abatement Credit for Green Roofing in NYC – Envirospec supports the Green Roofing initiative to increase the Enhanced Tax Abatement Credit for Green Roofing in NYC from $5/SF to $15/SF.

We can all benefit from this increase in tax abatement by seeing a rise in green roofs in NYC. Envirospec’s PAVE-EL Pedestals work well with green roofs creating roofing and patio decks that not only look amazing, but are sustainable too. Click the link for more information, and how you can help this proposal with achieving its approval. Feel free to contact Envirospec for more information about our innovative pedestal system.

PUBLISHED: April 23, 2019 by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Green roofs now required in NYC – New York now joins cities like Toronto, Denver, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon in making green roofs a requirement.

The New York City Council has passed a suite of measures (the Climate Mobilization Act) to reduce greenhouse gases released from buildings in New York City, including a requirement for green roofs and/or solar panels on newly constructed buildings…

PUBLISHED: April 23, 2019, by City of Toronto

Green Roof Bylaw, City of Toronto – In 2009, Toronto was the first city in North America to adopt a bylaw to require and govern the construction of green roofs. The Green Roof Bylaw sets out a graduated green roof requirement for new development or additions that are greater than 2,000 m2 in gross floor area. The requirement ranges from 20-60% of the Available Roof Space of a building. Download the PDF: Bylaw…

PUBLISHED: (Updated) February 29, 2020,

Green Roof Systems: Intensive, Semi-Intensive, and Extensive – This article provides an general overview of green roofs installed on buildings. We will provide a description of the three main types of green roofs: intensive, semi-intensive, and extensive. We also provide the benefits and a few things to watch out for when designing green roofs…

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