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PAVE-EL Pedestal System Product Details

PAVE-EL is available in four model sizes (4X, 5X, 6X, & 7X), each rated to handle various paver stone sizes and live loads.

The PAVE-EL pedestal system elevates, levels and uniformly spaces paver stones and protects the substrates in such waterproofed installations as roof decks and promenades, terraces, balconies, patios, podiums, plazas, arenas and roof gardens.

PAVE-EL pedestal system

is also ideal for roof garden walkways, for use as support pedestals for sleepers or catwalks, mechanical access walkways, balcony-deck structures and roof-mounted duct pipes.

PAVE-EL Pedestal Systems can be Multi-Stacked – up to 6″

The unique design of PAVE-EL Pedestals allows them to be stacked to create limited height adjustment while maintaining maximum stability of your pavers.

PAVE-EL: 40 Years in Business, Zero Product Failures

The Unique Advantages of PAVE-EL:

1) Paver stones elevated for perfect drainage

2) Spacer ribs ensure even joint spacing of pavers

3) Pedestals easily sub-divided for corner and edge support of pavers

4) Through drainage and aeration eliminates freeze-thaw damage to pavers

5) 1/8″ plates enable perfect levelling of paver

PATENTED Through-Drainage and Air Vent Design
PAVE-EL also prevents water entrapment which leads to freeze/thaw damage to pavers and membrane deterioration.

Air circulation and elevation of pavers reduce heat conductance, which keeps the membrane from expanding while maintaining the insulation thermal efficiency.

Weather-Resistant and Maintenance Free

The PAVE-EL pedestal is a grid-like structure composed of high-density polyethylene with integral spacer ribs located on the upper surface to ensure uniform joint spacing. Available in sizes 4X, 5X, 6X and 7X, pedestals may be easily separated into halves or quarters to accommodate perimeter-edge and corner support. The PAVE-EL system is self-cleaning and ultra-violet stabilized. It is unaffected by sunlight, ozone, humidity or water.

25-Year Warranty!

PAVE-EL’s 25-Year Warranty is the Industry’s BEST!

Quick, Easy and Accurate Installation
No tools or special skills required. Spacer ribs ensure uniform joint width. Leveling plates compensate for unevenness of substrate or pavers and deck-to-drain slope.

Pedestals and leveling plates are readily subdivided to provide perimeter edge and corner support.

Perfect Drainage Solution for Condo Balconies
The PAVE-EL pedestal system is a proven solution for installing paver stones on condo and apartment house balconies which are exposed to the elements. The grid-like structure of PAVE-EL prevents water entrapment, freeze/thaw damage to pavers and membrane deterioration.

A Rapidly-Growing Green Roof Deck Solution
Whether an environmentally-friendly design using the green roof concept, or a functional, aesthetically-pleasing roof garden, new and renovated rooftops using these principles provide: Better insulation and lower energy costs. Superior protection of roof membranes. Effective storm water management. Less noise transmission to the building interior. Transformation of unused areas into useful and attractive people places. Improved worker morale and productivity because of a healthier, more pleasing work environment.

PAVE-EL: The Solution for Safe Walkways and Dry-Deck Water Fountains

Roof Garden Walkway Solution

Roof gardens often require the installation of paver stone walkways, decks and promenades to provide maintenance access and functional areas for people. The PAVE-EL pedestal system helps create secure, finished walkways and other accessible areas while maintaining the integrity of the roof components. It is an ideal solution for creating green roofs and roof gardens.

Mechanical System Access Walkways

PAVE-EL pedestals, also ideal for use as support for sleepers or catwalks and mechanical access walkways, eliminates serious roof membrane and insulation damage caused by haphazard roof top traffic of mechanical system maintenance personnel.

Dry Deck Water Fountains

Beautiful and unique dry-deck water fountain areas are possible with the PAVE-EL Pedestal System. Not only does PAVE-EL ensure the uniform spacing and elevation of paver stones in a dry deck fountain installation, but it allows water to run off through to the drainage-plane-level and under paver stones to the fountain drainage system. Dry-deck fountains constructed with PAVE-EL eliminate trip hazards, minimize vandalism and offer no impediment to handicapped access and pedestrian traffic.

We Support Putting People on Rooftops!

Protected roof membrane insulation manufacturers recommend PAVE-EL paver stone pedestals + PAVE-EL pedestals are recognized and accepted for use by single-ply membrane manufacturers.

For more information about compatibility between membrane and pedestal, CONTACT US for assistance with your project.

CLICK HERE for RESOURCES available for DOWNLOAD that will assist you in designing and specifying PAVE-EL pedestals for decks, balconies, flat roof decks, gardens, walkways or any other projects involving paver stones.

Pedestal and Levelling Plate sizes, Load Bearing and Compressive Strength

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