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Distributors Wanted

Envirospec is currently seeking new (non stocking) distributors for PAVE-EL Pedestals.  PAVE-EL pedestals are priced lower than competitors, but offer higher profits for our distributors.

APPLY NOW to become the distributor in your area…

… Why PAVE-EL?

  • LOW COST – compared to other systems
  • EASY INSTALL – no special tools or skills required
  • PERFECT DRAINAGE – no more slippery, uneven surfaces or freeze/thaw damage
  • 20 Year warranty – Zero product failure over 40 years of installations including: Smithsonian Institute, University of New Mexico, FBI, NASA Headquarters and many rooftops around the world!

We’ll also supply you with:

  • Web assets – to help advertise PAVE-EL
  • POP displays – to suit your needs + samples to show your clients


Distributor’s Guide Content

  • Installation guideline & CAD drawings
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Product availability and warranty info
  • Ordering and order fulfillment process
  • Chemical Resistants charts
  • LEED Data
  • PLUS… Special offer available: Point of Sale custom PAVE-EL display with brochures, graphics and samples.

As our distributor… you will also have access to our engineers to assist with estimates and discuss their projects.

Call 1-877-508-9816 for details 

Architectural firms around the globe are specifying Envirospec’s PAVE-EL Pedestals for their rooftop projects in large numbers. The roofing consultants/contractors for these projects require PAVE-EL Pedestals. You can be the local distributor.

With a sharp increase in Green Roof projects happening today,

PAVE-EL pedestals are in demand more than ever. For our distributors, this means PROFITS!

PAVE-EL Pedestal Systems have a proven record of success –

more than 40 years in business with no product failures!

PAVE-EL Pedestals Help Transform Plain Old Places Into Fabulous New Spaces!

PAVE-EL Installations include:

SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE • NASA, FBI headquarters and Government buildings
& Universities • Backyards & hundreds of GREEN ROOF PROJECTS around the world!

  • PAVE-EL is available in four model sizes (4X, 5X, 6X, & 7X), each unit comes with levelling plate and are rated accordingly to handle various paver stone sizes and live loads

Walkways – backyard patios – pool surrounds and decks – green rooftops – condo and apartment balconies…

all can become eye-catching, level surfaces safe for all to enjoy with perfect drainage every time!


Let’s profit together!

If you represent a paving stone manufacturer, distributor or a landscape or building supply store –  APPLY NOW!

We’ll send you a PAVE-EL Distributor’s guide and a business proposal.

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