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Have you ever visited the rooftop of a building and felt like the world was tipped a bit sideways? This would likely be caused by an unleveled roof surface, as rooftops are historically slanted for water drainage. Although this design may be functional engineering-wise, it is not suitable for people-usage! Especially on hospital roofs dedicated for pedestrian use, unleveled rooftop patios become a critical issue to solve!

Why Hospital Rooftop Design is Key

Hospital rooftops can often be transformed into an enjoyable place for patients to get a breath of fresh air. It can also become a rooftop oasis for escaping from all the hospital commotion! But, the first step is to ensure that the rooftop surface is properly leveled! Leveled patio pavers ensure that transportation devices are accommodated for, including wheelchairs, walkers, or mobility scooters. An unleveled rooftop can pose a hazard to the safety of hospital patients and guests, especially for the elderly demographic or those with limited mobility. Innovations such as the PAVE-EL Pedestals system are used by architects and designers to ensure the proper paver elevation and paver leveling of rooftops, promoting the better accessibility and safety of public spaces.

Creating Hospital Rooftop Gardens

Outstandingly, hospitals like the Boston Medical Center may redesign their roofs to become a green rooftop garden – which is only feasible with a leveled rooftop. Rooftop gardens take it a step further in providing hospital patients and visitors a place to relax. It is also a place to get away from the noise and stress of the hospital. This is valuable for long-term patients, who may not get the chance to be surrounded by a green environment otherwise.

PAVE-EL provides the fundamental base for rooftop gardens, as it helps to correct rooftop slopes of up to 5%. This is achieved through stacking a combination of PAVE-EL pedestals and 1/8” leveling plates to create a level rooftop patio or garden. Incorporate PAVE-EL into rooftop patio to make sure that you are leveling your rooftop correctly, and to fix uneven patio tiles. By elevating surfaces, PAVE-EL provides a water drainage plane between pavers and the waterproofed structure below.

PAVE-EL Pedestals

PAVE-EL is tested for over 40 years and provides a 20-year warranty, which is why it is recommended as a high-quality innovation by architects and designers. PAVE-EL is not only easy to install with no tools required, but it is the best low-cost solution for leveling pavers. If you are an architect, designer, or specifier looking for the perfect paver system, choose PAVE-EL to create the ultimate rooftop patio. Use PAVE-EL to extend the lifespan of your rooftop patio or rooftop garden. PAVE-EL is perfect for any rooftop renovation. Visit for more info, or contact