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How to Create a Luxurious Patio on your Rooftop

By Danny Kroll   | Feb 26, 2021 |

You have some outdoor space on your rooftop that you would like to convert to a luxurious private patio overlooking your area. Great idea to have a new area to spend time outdoors alone or with company. First thing is to make sure the rooftop is waterproof to the areas below.     You don’t want to install a patio and then have to remove it to do repairs on the surface below.  Next, plan and measure the area your patio will be located within.

Be sure to plan for safety rails if they are not present. Choose your paving stones. They come in a wide variety; from cement patterned pavers to thousands of finishes on porcelain pavers. They also come in a variety of sizes. Once you decide the area and pavers, next you choose the pedestal system. Envirospec makes a great low cost, highly engineered solution called PAVE-EL Pedestal system.

This system is very easy to install and can correct up to a 5% slope, leaving your patio perfectly level, and includes space between the pavers to allow water to drain below the tiles. If you have more than a 5% slope or if you need to raise the pavers more than 6 inches (to matchup with an existing feature such as a walkway) then you should choose one of the more expensive and larger systems such as a screw jack pedestal. Either way you will be creating a luxurious outdoor space that can be appreciated for years to come. Get started today on your planning!

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PAVE-EL Pedestal system has been used by Engineers and Architects for over 40 years with zero product failures.