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Paver Pedestals Will Make Your Balcony Long-Lasting and Beautiful

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Balconies

PAVE-EL paver pedestals used on a condo balcony

Benefits of Paver Pedestals

Looking to add some dimension to your home or apartment? Maybe you want the perfect spot to set up a grill, lounge chair, or some planters. The solution is using paver pedestals to elevate your patio pavers. First, pavers can spice up your balcony with different textures and appearances, such as cobblestone, clay bricks, and more. Second, paver pedestals will pull together the entire look by neatly aligning the pavers and creating a polished, uniform aesthetic.

Placed under pavers, pedestals work behind the scenes to improve your balcony twofold: both visually and functionally. They create both an elegant appearance and enhance the durability and quality of your balcony pavers. If you are planning for your balcony space, here is why you should add paver pedestals!

PAVE-EL pedestals elevating patio tiles

Make Balconies Last a Lifetime

Is rain, snow, or summer heat causing deterioration to your balcony? With paver pedestals, your balcony will be fully protected from the elements, all four seasons of the year. With increased durability, you can enjoy your balcony for years and years to come. Options such as the PAVE-EL pedestal system have a through-drainage and air vent design which prevents water entrapment, freeze/thaw damage to pavers, and membrane deterioration. PAVE-EL pedestals provide air circulation between pavers to prevent tiles from cracking or uplifting due to heat conductance. Tested for over 40 years in both harsh winter climates and hot weather, PAVE-EL is guaranteed to protect the substrates of your balcony. This means your patio is shielded from extreme temperatures, UV rays, and precipitation — extending the longevity of your balcony.

PAVE-EL pedestals can also provide excellent drainage through elevating pavers. This can be achieved by stacking a combination of pedestals and of 1/8” leveling plates. Through this, PAVE-EL can also correct slopes up to 5% and creates a dead level. This elevation ensures that your patio will always be dry and weather-proofed. The link to PAVE-EL is here:

Make your balcony beautiful and long-lasting with PAVE-EL

Paver Pedestals Are Easy to Install

Though renovating balconies and patios can be challenging, the durable and highly-versatile PAVE-EL pedestal created by Envirospec makes it easy. While almost every other pedestal requires special tools, such as lasers to be installed, PAVE-EL requires absolutely nothing except your bare hands. Anybody can install it with no special skills needed, making it the perfect home DIY choice.

After installing them, you can reap the benefits of it for decades to come, with zero need for maintenance. PAVE-EL pedestals not only have a 20-year warranty, but comes with a free consultation and expert help for every step of the way.

Beautify Your Balcony with Paver Pedestals

Does your current balcony see a lot of areas where water seems to puddle? Paver pedestals can transform a muddy mess into a beautiful space. By providing perfect drainage and creating an even elevation, they can make an attractive lounging area and an enjoyable balcony to enjoy views on. PAVE-EL pedestals adapt to any outdoor space, even beyond condo and home balconies, including rooftops, terraces, porches, and decks.

Think your balcony could benefit from PAVE-EL pedestals to produce a beautiful and relaxing space? Visit or email to learn more.

Balcony Pavers Elevated by PAVE-EL Pedestal System

Balcony Pavers Elevated by PAVE-EL Pedestal System

Written by Envirospec Inc

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