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Have you always dreamed of adding or renovating a pool in your home? As warmer weather approaches, it is the best time to create your very own backyard oasis with a jacuzzi, hot tub, spa, or swimming pool. But where should you begin? Whether you are trying to improve an existing pool or installing a new one, here are 5 important things to consider, including patio drainage.


1. Prevent Standing Water on Patio

One of the best parts about a pool is splashing around or even doing some cannonballs. If you have good patio drainage, water splashing out of your pool will not be a concern. However, with poor patio drainage, the problem of standing water can arise, as water will collect in puddles around your pool. This not only spoils your outdoor fun but also destructs the quality of your patio, and ruins its visual appeal!

To prevent this, the solution is to install a paver pedestal system, like PAVE-EL Pedestals. What this system does is elevate paver stones or piles to prevent water entrapment, thus ensuring perfect patio drainage. The special through-drainage and air vent design of PAVE-EL makes it the ideal fix for standing water. 



2. Ensure Patio Drainage

If your patio is unleveled, factors such as rainfall or simply climbing in and out of your pool can cause water to collect on any low spots on your patio. Puddles on an uneven patio surface can rapidly deteriorate pavers and threaten the durability of your patio. Most of all, a sloping patio can cause water to drain toward your home and seep into your basement. This can also easily ruin your home’s foundation. The best fix would be paver pedestals because they prevent water from collecting on uneven patio spots by leveling your patio tiles.


3. Prevent Freezing Water

A proper patio drainage system like PAVE-EL not only prevents standing water in the summer but also prevents water from freezing and thawing in the winter. If water is trapped, freeze-thaw cycles can damage pavers and cause membrane deterioration, threatening the longevity of your patio. PAVE-EL solves this problem by ensuring the uniform spacing and elevation of paver stones.


4. Aligning Pool Coping

Pool coping can help to top off the aesthetic of your pool and also act as a protective barrier around it. PAVE-EL Pedestals help to better align patio pavers with the coping of your pool. This gives your backyard a more coordinated appeal and also improves its functionality. Now, your backyard will look more luxurious, with the design of both your patio and pool complementing each other.


5. Remove and Replace Patio Tiles Easily

When maintaining your patio and pool, one task may be removing a cracked or damaged patio tile and replacing it with a new one.  A paver pedestal system makes it easy to pop patio tiles out, and prevents any renovation hassle. You can remove patio tiles easily once they are elevated and evenly spaced with PAVE-EL. This is important in preventing any trip hazards which may come from uplifted or cracked tiles. Besides, this also makes it effortless to keep your patio looking even, polished, and elegant.


Use PAVE-EL Pedestals for your Pool

Tested for over 40 years and with a 20-year warranty, the quality of PAVE-EL Pedestals is the industry’s best. PAVE-EL is easy to install with no tools required and is low-cost.

If you are a designer or homeowner looking for a high-quality and long-lasting paver solution, choose PAVE-EL for your patio project. Visit for more info, or contact