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COVID-19 | An Update to Our Partners and Customers

In these times…

… I do not want to talk about company insights or exciting new projects or opportunities. My highest priority today, together with my team at Envirospec, is to do everything possible to keep our people safe and healthy, support our partners and customers throughout North America and stay in touch with our community and customers.

The events that have occurred over the past few weeks as a result of COVID-19 have been up until recently, unimaginable. Envirospec provides materials to the construction industry, which is considered an essential service. Envirospec’s warehouses also provide distribution for medical equipment and as such have remained open and are expected to remain open. Envirospec is in contact with government agencies and are following instructions on how to move forward in these uncertain times.

Please note that we have ample stock of PAVE-EL Pedestals at all of our warehouses. All of our products are made in Canada, which allows fast domestic restocking as needed.

In keeping drivers and warehouse staff safe, new procedures for picking up orders at our warehouses have been adapted:
Drivers are required to wash their hands (facilities provided) before entering the building
After notifying warehouse staff of arrival, wait in either: their truck or waiting area as their trucks are loaded.
Note the warehouses have increased their sanitizing of driver areas, door handles etc.
Our products are in boxes and boxes in an effort to reduce spreading of COVID-19 no boxes will be touched by bare hands.
As we perform our operations remotely and do our part in practicing social distancing, Envirospec has committed to take action and will continue to do everything we can to help our communities get through this and flatten the curve. We will get through this together and we will all become stronger as we learn from this experience.

Please be safe.

Danny Kroll

Sales Manager, Envirospec / PAVE-EL